Hi, I’m Michelle. I want to help you write with confidence.


The Unfinished Bookshelf started as a place to discuss my latest reads. The blog gave me confidence as a shy university student and introduced me to new people and ideas. As I’ve grown, so too has The Unfinished Bookshelf.

After five years of non-stop action in the frenetic pace of a newsroom, I decided to step back from full-time work. I quit my job in May 2019, and moved with my partner Jack to the UK.

It’s not exactly a gap year though, because I’m studying a Masters of Arts (Writing and Literature). I’m also building a business around my passion for writing, editing, and podcasting.

I’m creating resources and explaining the technical side of writing with bloggers in mind. You’ve got passion to share, and I want to help you do that with a confident and professional online voice.

Podcasts are my other obsession. I wrote a true crime podcast ideal for listeners who enjoyed Serial or Dirty John. Predator is on iTunes and Spotify, and you can read about why I had to write this story here.

Each fortnight I get chatty about books and feminism with my best friend on our podcast, Better Words, where we interview talented creative types. 

In seven years of blogging and book reviewing, I have regularly worked with publishers and brands such as Allen & Unwin, the Centre for Youth Literature, Pan MacMillan, University of Queensland Press, Bloomsbury, and Text Publishing.

Have a look around The Unfinished Bookshelf and come chat to me on Twitter, Instagram or shoot me an email at unfinishedbookshelf@gmail.com


My Values



There’s nothing more important than kindness, in life and online. I believe in creating a non-judgemental space where everyone feels welcome.



Passion shared with purpose creates invigorating energy that’s hard to ignore. Whatever you love, use it to tell your story and connect with other people.



Everyone deserves to feel confident in their online presence. Good writing isn’t a privilege and we don’t have to be published authors to tell stories with confident and unique voices.



Because everyone needs a personal cheerleader, right? We all need someone to ask for advice, to bounce ideas off, to celebrate the big wins and small.

Here’s how I can help you